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The Willow Pond

The Willow pond is the newest edition to the complex. Originally set out  to be an alternative fly - fishing pond demand for space meant we soon turned it into a highly stocked, high action coarse pond. Mainly stocked with F1 Carp there is also a good head of skimmers and chub. This is an ideal pond for a beginner who wishes to learn how to fish or perfect a few skills.

Many people just fish it because there are so many fish to be caught. Designed in a kidney shape, there are no shelves just a gradual decline from the bank to the deck which reaches 7' at it's deepest point. As you can see the pond is neat and tidy with a gravel path serving 15 spacious platforms. There is also parking very close to the pond with easy disabled access.

Over 350 new fish were added to the existing 250 fish that were moved from the Spring pond on the 9th March 2012. That's over 600 new fish weighing over 1300lb!!

The 350 new fish stocked (see photo's left) averaged just over 2lb and were a mixture of common's and mirror's. They were in superb condition and I'm sure will provide great sport this year




SUMMER: This pond is the easiest to fish and the easiest to catch on. Use Pellet and you can't go far wrong. On the waggler or pole feed loose pellet LITTLE & OFTEN and use either bait-tech x-treme soft hookers or corn on the hook. Banded pellet also does well as  does paste. ​Don't overlook margin fishing as this produces good weight and draws in the bigger mirror and common carp between 6 & 9lb.


WINTER: Much the same really, it it's not too cold the fish will come up in the water. If not fish over the first shelf (average depth being between 5 and 7ft deep). Always to plum up accurately to get better results.

The willow pond is very popular right throughout the year, the 'easy' fishing makes it a very attractive lake to fish.

It's ideal for large fishing groups,clubs, beginners and youngsters who can have a great day on here with just a whip and a bag of pellet. And the fact that it fishes well through all weathers is a real bonus.

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