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The Spring Lake

The Spring lake was constructed in 1993 and has matured beatifully over the past 25 years to offer privacy, seclusion and home to 4 of our luxury cabins. Originally a trout lake, Carp were introduced in 2011 and have thrived ever since. The lake is well looked after with regular netting to remove bream/roach and rudd to allow the Carp to grow and flourish. The largest carp ever stocked in the Spring pond was 15lb, but over the last 10 years regular growth has seen the stock grow considerably, with over 40 x 20lb fish and numerous high doubles with a largest fish of 30lb 10oz. There are also catfish in the lake to 25lb for something different, but these only really show up in the hotter weather…

You can only fish from the Osprey & Kingfisher cabins. Each cabin has half the lake to fish with markers giving you indications of where and where not to fish. Cradles and large nets must be used as standard. Please click here for lake rules

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