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The Oxbow lake

The Oxbow lake was once a 40 peg match lake. Closed in the winter of 2020. It has undergone a huge overall. The lake has been netted and the majority of the fish have been moved on, with only the best remaining. We've restocked with fish between 15-28lb to leave a health stock of large carp.

This beautifully matured lake is now home to 3 cabins (Harrier, Kestrel & Merlin) which opened in August 2022, with 3 more to be added in 2023. The 6 cabins that will reside on the Oxbow, each have a private fishing deck, with a large volume of water to cast too. The cabins are very well spaced out with 75-100 meters between each one. Private parking is provided behind each cabin.

Cefn Mably Lakes_MAP_148x208mm or 1748x2448px_for WEB (5th Aug 2022).jpg
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