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The Overflow Pond

The Overflow pond is our smaller lake which consists of Carp, Chub, Roach and Rudd. It is the ideal pond for beginners- intermediates to fish. It has a natural shelter as there is a wide coverage of trees around it (you won't get wet!). It's our main coaching pond, as the catch rate is far greater than the other coarse ponds. It has 8 Pegs in total, each individual peg holding 2 anglers (using 1 rod each). It's the perfect pond for parents to bring their children on a day out simply because the catch rate is high, which avoids the child getting bored and losing interest. It is a simple pond to fish, you'd catch all day on maggots/sweetcorn and pellets which are available in the onsite tackle shop.

Basic Rules

1. You MUST book in before setting up.


3. Fishing from platforms only, maximum of 2 people per platform.

4. BARBLESS hooks only.

5. 1 Rod per person only.

6.BAIT BANS - boilies, meat, nuts, dog biscuits. 

7. No fires, barbecues, radios or loud music.

8. Landing nets MUST be used.

9. Absolutely no litter to be found on or near your peg at any time.

11. NO Bite alarm. 

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